Cambridge University Design / UX group

Onwards and upwards

I had a good little meeting with Barney Brown (Digital Communications) and Helen Sargan (University webmaster), both of whom had wanted to come along to the first meeting we had on March 19th, but couldn’t make it in the end.

We got straight into discussing how the Design/UX group could play a useful role across the University. Obviously, there are other groups and departments who are involved in similar [web] design work, so it makes sense to aim to coordinate and unify activity.

Good design through unity

To that end, we talked a bit about the possibilty of bringing together MISD, University Communications, Computing Services, and the Design/UX group under one umbrella… “Web Design Advice and Support Group“, or something like that. This would be a formal group, but one that is driven by us, the people involved, and motivated by the various needs of our ‘customers’ across the University, rather than having a very corporate, top-down approach.

Between those groups, we would all have a lot of specialist expertise to share. Even within this little group, there’s an impressive skillset!

So let’s see how that develops – I’d like to hear your thoughts on this aspect of the group’s activities.


For those who don’t know, Barney deals with a lot of the eye-catching bits of the University website, and in particular with the incorporation of audio, video and podcast content. He had material prepared for the meeting on he 19th, so we’ll definitely have something to talk about at the next meeting.

Helen is responsible for overall implementation of University web templates, and manages the web site as whole. She frequently runs website review clinics open to everyone. She could talk to us about adapting the templates for use with web apps, and also has experience with using Morae for usability testing.

Web Liaison meeting

Speaking of meetings, I have volunteered to talk at the next Web Liaison meeting (early May probably) about the Design/UX group, what we’re up to, and generally raise our profile a bit more. I hope lots of you can come along and help spread the enthusiam!


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