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Four questions every software user interface designer and usability professional should be thinking about

These aren’t my questions – it is the title of an interesting little article I was reading this morning.

The author, Russell Wilson, poses the following questions:

  1. What is the best way for user interface design and usability to integrate with software engineering processes, specifically Agile processes?
  2. How can we better quantify the value of design and usability (ROI)?
  3. Where does design and usability belong within an organization?
  4. What’s next for software user interfaces?

In answer to the first question, the author mentions “artifacts” – standards, templates, best practices, which can be re-used from project to project.

It is a really good point. I think of them as components – things that you have figured out, tested, refined, tested again, and have been shown to work. I am talking about components like personae (model users that you keep in mind as you design something) or web page elements that work (like that search box that you have coded, and know works well for users with accessibility issues). Once you make something like that, don’t forget about it: it might be handy in the future.

I also thought that question 3 was a good one for us – where do we fit in in the University? This is something that we are still considering, but it looks as though we have a plan (see last post).

Something to chew over…


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