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The Survey for People Who Make Websites (2008)

A List Apart : Survey for People Who Make Websites (2008)Yesterday, the mighty A List Apart released the results of the latest sensibly-named Survey for People Who Make Websites. The survey allows you to get a very good overview of what is happening in the web design industry, with statistics about things like what kind of web work people do, how that breaks down, ideas of pay, peoples’ aspirations… all sorts of things.

OK, it is not really an article about design and UX, I know, but it is about the field in which many of us work.

Go! Be inquisitive! I wasn’t amongst the 10.8% of respondents from the UK, I must admit, but it is interesting to compare oneself with the stats. Oh, and check out those lovely, simple(*), CSS-powered horizontal bar charts!  🙂

* Eric Meyer has some interesting things to say about producing those, if you’re feeling keen, and it links to my previous post about this subject. Once you get into lots of data, it gets a bit more challenging.

P.S. Sorry about the horrible spacing of text around images in this blog. I can’t edit the stylesheet (without paying!), so short of using… urgh… VSPACE and HSPACE attributes, or inline CSS, there’s not a lot I can do. My apologies for any injury caused to your aesthetic sensibilities!


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