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I have been thinking recently about the approach that I take to running a project. Not necessarily project management as such, but the sort of processes or methodology that I apply to going from initial scoping to the end product. It is something worth considering, particularly if you are going to be working as part of a team, where a specific development process is already well-established.

Now, this isn’t the place to discuss all those different models for development processes, so if you want to know the difference between “pigs” and “chickens”, you can read all about it on Wikipedia!

Anyway, if you have any familiarity with this stuff already, you will know that the Agile model is a popular one amongst development teams. I spotted a couple of good presentations that cover the realities of Agile processes, the pros and cons, and how to fit and design and UX work in with an Agile process.

Here goes with two embedded presentations…

Design and UX in an Agile Process

M. Jackson Wilkinson covers a lot of the details very well. Essentially, he recommends that teams (and teams of one are possible!) remain focused on the project goals and what should be delivered to the users, rather than getting dogmatically fixated on the development process itself.

There it is.

Ten minutes of Agile UX

Cenydd Bowles works for Clearleft, and is part of the London I.A. group. He gave a brief but enjoyable presentation which gives us another perspective, and also includes a slide bearing the simple text, “User scented design”.

🙂 Made me laugh!

And here’s some recommended reading from the same guy: Getting Real About Agile Design.


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