Cambridge University Design / UX group


The Cambridge University Design / UX group is a loose sub-group of the the University of Cambridge webmasters mailing list, but with a clearly-defined focus on design, user experience, interaction, usability, and so on.

Whereas the University webmasters group is largely made up of “hard” technical people (server maintenance, database set up, infrastructure, hardware, etc), this sub-group aims to deal with “softer” technology (HTML/CSS, illustration, interaction, usability, layout, etc) and front-end design issues.

We plan to hold fairly informal meetings as often as people want it, and we communicate via one of the University mailing lists. (both lists and meetings are only open to University staff). The format of these meetings may include short show & tell sessions; discussions of specific techniques / concepts / software, reviews of websites, web apps, or user interfaces, etc.

Since the group is quite new, we are still developing the rôle that we might play within the University, but we welcome enquiries, suggestions, and involvement.

Francis Rowland, March 2009

Francis Rowland is a web designer and UX specialist, based in the Dept of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge. He is a member of the UPA, Refresh Cambridge, and CamCreative, and writes articles on this blog in between doing some real work!


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